🗓️Weekly Buybacks

The weekly buybacks in PepeMints use a percentage of Auction Lobby funds to purchase PepeMints and a Partner Token. There is no fee for stake claim/maintenance!

In PepeMints, 5% of Auction Lobby income is sent to a Weekly Buyback contract, which can be triggered by any member of the community as long as it is time to do so.

  • The weekly buybacks are split between PepeMints and a Partner Token

  • A percentage of the funds are used to buyback PepeMints token (default 80%)

    • PepeMints tokens purchased this way are burned

  • A percentage of the funds are used to buyback Partner Token (default 20%)

  • These percentages can be reset by admin

Weekly buybacks are separate from the daily liquidity support provided with the majority of Auction Lobby funds using the Daily Update functionality.

PepeMints has removed the 2-USDC weekly stake maintenance/claim fee in WhalesCandy.

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