Participants in FarmerLand and ArbiTen Finance have the opportunity to swap or receive credit for PepeMints!

Credit will be given as staked PepeMints, added by the team before emissions begin. PepeMints stakes yield 1.5% PepeMints tokens/day for 100 days.


  • 5,000 PepeMints: WHEAT swap

  • 5,000 PepeMints: WHEAT stakers

  • 5,000 PepeMints: ArbiTen swap

  • 5,000 PepeMints: 10SHARE swap

Swap Rules:

  • Swaps open 5-1, 9pm UTC (same time as Presale)

  • Swaps close 5-3, 9pm UTC (same time as Presale)

  • Users give up their tokens in exchange for PepeMints stakes proportional to contribution

    • E.g.: If we raise 1 million WHEAT, and you put in 100k: you get 500 staked PepeMints

Wheat Staking Rules:

  • The snapshot time for WHEAT staking is 5-1, 9pm UTC

  • Credit will be given according to the number of WHEAT staked at the snapshot time

    • E.g.: If 100k WHEAT is staked, and you have 20k: you get 1000 staked PepeMints

Swap emissions start at the same time as presale emissions!

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