💸Discounted Buy + Stake

In PepeMints, using the Discounted Buy + Stake function triggers referral rewards!

Because the PepeMints token has an 80% buy tax on Pancakeswap once the protocol begins, the contract has a discounted buyAndStake() function that allows users to purchase PepeMints tokens closer to market price and automatically stake them:

  • The discounted buyAndStake() function buys PepeMints tokens for BNB on Pancakeswap

  • 80% of the purchaser's BNB is used to buy PepeMints tokens

    • 20% is distributed according to the same fee structure as Auction Lobby funds

  • The purchased amount* of PepeMints tokens is then staked, rewarding the user 1.2%/day

  • Referral rewards are triggered on the purchased amount

    • 5% goes to the referrer

    • 1% is added to the purchaser's stake (not given as a self-referral reward in this case)

*The buyAndStake() function accounts for a tax factor that ultimately rewards users with 100%-200% of the purchased amount in PepeMints tokens (default 100%). WhalesCandy allowed a range of 20%-200%, but we have narrowed the allowable range to no less than 100%, as we do not want to penalize users by giving less than the amount purchased.

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