All untaxed methods of buying PepeMints token involve automatic staking!

PepeMints tokens can be staked as a high-yield Certificate of Deposit!

  • The staking yield is 1.2%/day for 150 days (total: 180% return; 194.6% APR)

  • The deposit is burned (the staker never gets the initial deposit back)

  • There is no maintenance/claim fee on stake rewards

  • Yield is emitted constantly (not daily)

  • If Presalers begin their stakes late, they receive full credit for the missed time

  • Using the Reinvest function to claim rewards gives a 33% bonus to the new stake

There is no fee for reward claims or stake maintenance in PepeMints. This fee from WhalesCandy was replaced with 5% of auction lobby BNB.

The team's intention is for staking of purchased PepeMints tokens to be automatic! This should prevent supply shock. PepeMints tokens are automatically staked in the following cases:

Market buying of PepeMints is discouraged and is heavily taxed! This encourages all purchased tokens to be staked!

Pending PepeMints rewards can be either Claimed or Reinvested:

  • claimRewards() sends to the user's wallet

  • reinvest() begins a new 150-day stake with the amount eligible for claim

  • The Reinvest function gives a 50% bonus on rewards, but the rewards are staked

We have added claimRewardsAll() & reinvestAll() functions that claim or reinvest a range of stake IDs

  • If stakes are reinvested, combines them into one instead of many stakes

  • Front end can have option to reinvest or claim rewards for all stakes shown on page

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