PepeMints has added Referral bonuses on the Discounted Buy + Stake function!

The Referral system gives bonus PepeMints token credit for the following:

Unlike WhalesCandy, PepeMints allows you to change your referrer!

Bonus PepeMints on referee lobby entries:

  • Referrer bonus: 5%

  • Referee bonus (bonus for using someone else as a referrer): 1%

Referral link format: address

Referral change: user's referral can be changed for each new lobby day

Restriction: Users cannot act as their own referrer (changed from WhalesCandy)

In PepeMints, referral rewards must be manually claimed and are automatically staked!

Referrer Claim and Stake function: Referrers must manually claim their referral rewards, which automatically stakes the rewards in a new stake.

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