The sources of the PepeMints contracts are WhalesCandy v.2 and the MMF overflow presale contract from Arbitrum. We have made both major and minor improvements to the contracts.

Major Improvements:

  • Reduced team share of Auction Lobby fees from 30% -> 0%

  • Eliminated WhalesCandy's 2-USDC reward claim (stake maintenance) fee

  • Added an Overflow Presale contract that automatically stakes purchasers' tokens

    • Liquidity can be added at the price indicated by committed BNB

  • Staking daily reward changed from 1% -> 1.2% of the earned tokens

    • Reward duration changed from 365 -> 150 days

  • Added the ability to change user Referrer; now uses addresses as ref codes

  • Using the Reinvest function to claim rewards restakes with a 50% bonus

  • Added 1% referee bonus (for using someone else as a referrer)

  • Tokens purchased using Discounted Buy + Stake function trigger referrals

  • Number of tokens available in Auction Lobby now decreases 0% -> 1.5%/day

    • Amount in next lobby settable by admin; can be decided via governance

    • %/day decrease in Lobby tokens available is settable by admin (up to 25%)

Minor Improvements:

  • Default for daily liquidity removal + buyback raised from 4% -> 5%

    • in phase with daily reward change from 1% -> 1.2%

  • Buy and sell tax are settable and togglable

  • Inserted additional partner token slot

  • Users cannot act as their own referrer

  • Admin cannot withdraw more than the appropriate amount from presale contract

  • Added function to create a stake for a user with the next available stake id

    • WhalesCandy had only a "set stake" function, which required specified stake id

    • This allows us to add user stakes without worrying about stake id

    • It also allows us to add stakes directly via the presale contract

  • Added view function to return stakes in an array

    • To help with front end pagination

  • Refactored Weekly Buyback contract to minimize code duplication

  • Used call instead of transfer() to send ETH, which is the proper way

    • This could make a difference if anybody deploys on zksync

  • Removed Safemath library, as it is included by default in Solidity ^0.8.0

    • This saves users gas

  • Bumped all solidity versions to 0.8.16

  • Auction Lobby day counter starts from 0 (1 in WhalesCandy)

  • Made burns reduce the supply instead of sending to 0 address

    • Added contract variable showing total amount burned

    • Added public burn() function so that anyone can burn their own tokens

    • Daily Update function burns all tokens in 0 and dead addresses

    • Weekly Buyback contract detects PepeMints burns and uses the burn() function

  • All admin settable parameters were switched to 1e4 basis points

  • Dev receives 5%->10% of the auction lobby amount and reinvested tokens

  • Ownership changing now uses the push/pull standard (BoringOwnable library)

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