💸Passive Income Generation

PepeMints is the first Auction Lobby token in which all auction lobby income is used to support the protocol. There is no dev fee of the daily auction pot!

Instead, a portion goes towards Passive Income Generation outside the protocol:

  • We will run bot accounts on Forex brokers using Passive Income Generation funds

  • These will be exclusively broker accounts that we control

    • We will run Executive Assistants using the MT4&5 Platforms

    • We control funds at all times and can choose any broker that supports MT

    • We will not enter any scheme that requires us to choose a certain broker

  • Will be co-managed with FarmerLand but will be in non-commingled subaccounts

    • Information is trackable in the FarmerLand Passive Investment Spreadsheet

    • We will be replicating the kinds of accounts that are yielding about 3%/week in Farm

  • Our experience and past results make us optimistic that we can do well

  • There is a 33% team performance fee on Passive Income profits

    • The remaining profits will go towards buying back and burning PepeMints, perhaps with some recompounding

Funds to be used for Passive Income Generation:

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