🔥Daily Update

The first time anyone interacts with the PepeMints contract after a new auction day begins, the contract's updateDaily() function is called.

Actions of updateDaily() function:

  • Distributes claimable PepeMints to Auction buyers according to contributed BNB

  • Distributes the following proportions of Auction Lobby income:

  • Adds liquidity and supports PepeMints price

    • Initially adds liquidity with the entire 80% of Auction Lobby BNB + minted PepeMints

    • Removes 5%* of existing PepeMints-BNB liquidity held by the contract and uses BNB to buy PepeMints tokens from the LP

    • Burns accumulated PepeMints tokens from minting + liquidity removal + buyback

  • Calculates the results of the Biggest Buy Contest and distributes the winnings, if any

  • Burns all PepeMints tokens in the dead and 0 addresses

  • Mints 5% of the daily lobby amount to the dev account

  • Advances the auction day to the next day with a fresh token allotment

*The percentage of liquidity removed to perform the daily buyback can be changed between 0.5% and 25% (default 5%). (In WhalesCandy, the allowable range is narrower, and the default is 4%).

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