🔨Auction Lobby

Similar to other auction tokens such as WhalesCandy, our auction lobby offers PepeMints tokens for sale each day in 24-hour intervals:

  • Unlimited BNB is accepted until the daily cutoff time of 9pm GMT

  • Daily tokens start at 16,420 and reduce by 1.5%/day

  • The day's tokens are distributed proportionally among those who contributed BNB to the daily lobby

  • Buyer shares of the PepeMints from the daily lobby must be manually claimed

    • Claimed PepeMints from the auction is not directly sent to the buyer

    • Claiming PepeMints from the auction begins a new 150-day stake yielding 1.2%/day

The amount of tokens available in each lobby reduces by 1.5% each day!

  • The amount available in the next lobby can be reset by admin

  • PepeMints token governance on snapshot.org can be done to decide this

  • %/day decrease in Lobby tokens available is settable by admin (up to 10%)

Distribution of auction lobby funds:

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