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Please check our Launch Information page for information about our upcoming presale on 5/1/2023 at 9pm GMT!


What is PepeMints?

PepeMints is an auction token and high-yield Certificate of Deposit on the BNB network. It uses an Auction Lobby system to support the price and liquidity of PepeMints token, emitting the auctioned tokens at 1.2%/day for 150 days. It is an evolution of the auction lobby concept, employing liquidity instead of dividends. In addition, PepeMints is the first ever auction token without a dev fee! All resources that come into the lobby support the protocol.

How is PepeMints less inflationary?

Purchasing tokens off the market is heavily taxed, but a special contract function and the Auction Lobby make it easy to obtain stakes that emit tokens at 1.2%/day. In addition, the number of tokens in the Auction is reduced by 1.2%/day. This should prevent too much supply from hitting the market at once, so there is never any tax on selling PepeMints tokens.

What's New in PepeMints?

PepeMints has eliminated fees, improved tokenomics, and many added features (see below) compared with alternatives. The Overflow-style presale builds liquidity to make the auction lobby more attractive. Passive Income Generation produces sustainable income for renewable buy pressure. An all-new daily Biggest Buy Contest adds to the fun! And best of all, PepeMints is more memetastic than any other similar token!

How will PepeMints launch?

PepeMints will use an overflow-style Presale and Launch to gauge the token's initial price. A set amount of PepeMints is available in the presale, and only up to the hard cap will be collected, with the remaining committed BNB refunded. Thus, there is a maximum purchase price for PepeMints presale tokens. However, presale buyers control the launch price: liquidity will be added at the price implied by the amount of BNB committed, or 50% above the final presale price, whichever is greater!

The PepeMints codebase is a fork of WhalesCandy with many improvements!

Major Improvements:

  • Reduced team share of Auction Lobby fees from 30% -> 0%

  • Eliminated WhalesCandy's 2-USDC reward claim (stake maintenance) fee

  • Added an Overflow Presale contract that automatically stakes purchasers' tokens

    • Liquidity can be added at the price indicated by committed BNB

  • Staking daily reward changed from 1% -> 1.2% of the earned tokens

    • Reward duration changed from 365 -> 150 days

  • Added the ability to change user Referrer; now uses addresses as ref codes

  • Using the Reinvest function to claim rewards restakes with a 50% bonus

  • Added 1% referee bonus (for using someone else as a referrer)

  • Tokens purchased using Discounted Buy + Stake function trigger referrals

  • Number of tokens available in Auction Lobby now decreases 0% -> 1.5%/day

    • Amount in next lobby settable by admin; can be decided via governance

    • %/day decrease in Lobby tokens available is settable by admin (up to 25%)

We also made many minor Improvements to the code, which can be seen here!

PepeMints is only available at https://pepemints.vip/!

The following are the basic elements of PepeMints:

PepeMints contains elements introduced by T2X (auction lobby), Wise (liquidity + lobby), Bankroll Flow (%/day emission), Hex (Biggest Buy Contest), and MMF (overflow presale format), but combines those elements uniquely to create a system with strong overall tokenomics. Plus, it is memeable!

PepeMints has no official roadmap, but it will be supported as a Sugandese Tokens project:

  • User referrals via token swaps from other Sugandese Tokens projects

  • Ancillary projects

    • Janis Dex Ecosystem release on BNB Network will provide a bridge

  • Lobby amount resets can reinvigorate deposits

  • The team receives 10% of tokens, which can be used for CEX listings or other project benefits


PepeMints is a unique DeFi protocol that represents the next step in evolution from WhalesCandy. We humbly believe that our chosen features and configurations will result in a successful project. We hope that you will join us, and we strive to have a fun and active community! For more information, please join our socials. Enjoy PepeMints!


Seraphine (Kurt) and the rest of the PepeMints team

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